Although Onbux was paying in the begining, it has had a lot of things going against it recently. It has been a few months now they are paying a very small percentage of their members selectively. Members also cannot post anything negative in the forums which is never a good sign. We recommend you not waste your time here. it might turn around but it is looking less and less likely. Please see the other PTC sites on our home page.

Old Review

Onbux is part of our list of trusted PTC sites. Onbux is not a scam. For a full list of trusted PTC sites, please see our main page. For a more detailed view of a comparison of all important Paid to click features of PTC/Bux sites, please see our detailed table.

OnBux PROs and CONs

- Good payout and good referral payout compared to other Paid to Click (PTC) sites
- Very nice, easy to use interface with organized info and stats.
- Quick load times

- You must click at least 4 ads per day in order to be credited for referral income
- You can only have a maximum of 80 referrals and it costs $0.10 to delete one
- You must be registered for 30 days and have clicked at least 100 ads before you can add direct referrals.
- Poor FAQ section

Detailed Review

OnBux is a relatively new PTC site but has a trusted admin and active forum which combined with the user friendly interface and a good number of daily ads looks promising. There are a few requirements that are stated above in the “CONs” section that you must fulfil in order to take full advantage of your referrals’ earning potential but this keeps users on the site healthy and active which is a good thing overall. There are different levels of membership. They offer a lot of small advantages that are worth looking into if you plan on being an active user on the site.
· Standard Membership: Per click: $0.01 · Per referral click: $0.005
· Golden Membership: Per click: $0.01 · Per referral click: $0.01 cost: $90
· Ultimate Membership: Per click: $0.02 · Per referral click: $0.01 cost: $880

You can also rent referrals at $0.25/month for a maximum of 500. We always suggest you do a bit more research before renting referrals on any Bux/PTC site because often people will complain that it is not worth it.

One setback that is seen with newer PTC sites is that you need to click a minimum of 4 ads per day in order to be able to collect any referral income you might be getting for that day. If you are not active, then your referral income is not paid to you! Also, make sure to have clicked at least 100 ads and be registered for a minimum of 30 days before referring people because even if they join through you, you will not see them in your downline, and they will not count as a referral!

Overall we think that OnBux has potential to become a trusted Bux site in the future. It is worth joining and definitely keeping an eye on.

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